Three Final Things

1. Gift Exchange Goodies
Behold the array of good things I found in my mailbox from Bobbi my Secret Santa. There was some yummy Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark, some Chocolate Outrage GUs and a very cute ‘Run’ necklace from Inspired Endurance. Perfect! Thank you Bobbi and special thanks to Jill for coordinating this extravaganza.

2. Exercise-Induced Toothache
Santa seems to have left me one of these. Holy molars it hurts after I run. I’m heading to the dentist later for relief and to take advantage of our quickly fading 2010 dental insurance.

3. Fading
Modern Caveman’s 96 year-old granny is declining fast. She’s suffered the past several years with full-blown alzheimer’s but recently fell and broke her hip, precipitating a downward spiral. She is not expected to last into the new year. Sad, but in a way a blessing as well. I will hold many fond memories of her close in my heart.

Can you believe it’s almost 2011?

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