Budding Genius: A Giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago the folks at Yurbuds asked me to try their custom-fit, performance-enhancing earphones. This was music to my ears as I must confess I’ve never been satisfied with the way any of the earphones I’ve tried fit my dainty ears. The fit process could not have been easier. I simply emailed them [Read More]

Power of 10+ Rewind Winner!

There are 2 lucky winners of my latest Power of 10+ giveaway to benefit the Lupus Foundation. First an update on my inspiration: my neighbor, Alex who was diagnosed with Lupus as a young girl. Unfortunately her immune system did not reset itself after being off Lupus meds and she is currently undergoing a course [Read More]

Race Report: Chicago RnR 1/2

The day started early. I was up at 3:30 to begin the trek to the city.Major score of the day: Found a lot with ALL DAY PARKING for are–you sitting down?– $6!!!I’d expected to pay upwards of $50 so darn I should have bought more stuff at the expo. As I mentioned I ran on [Read More]

Tales from the RnR Chicago Expo

My girl posse and I trekked down to the expo yesterday…and believe me from out here in the boonies it was a trek. My behind is still numb from sitting in the car that long. But anyway I met Meb!He was sitting on a stool outside the Sony display waiting to begin a broadcast of [Read More]

Foto Friday

My new gardening shoe. I couldn’t resist the color. How is it that you can pull a boatload of weeds and it doesn’t even look like you made a dent? Although it seems like summer is winding down, there’s still plenty of free GoLite gear to win. Sign up HERE if you haven’t already. Winners [Read More]

Three Things Thursday

RnR Chicago: Who’s In?Turns out I’m an 11th hour addition to the field. I’ll be running on Team Imerman’s Angels. I’d tell you what I’m wearing but it’ll be the team’s singlet–which as of yet I have no idea what color it is. I just hope it’s something that goes with cheetah…Seriously if you see [Read More]

High-5 to the Birthday Girl

 It was just about an hour from now that my water broke (in the shower of all places, could she have been more accommodating?) five years ago today. The Caveman was summoned home and off I went to the hospital with a towel stuffed down my pants.It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that Thing [Read More]

Weekend Rewind: Single Girl Edition

Week 5 of Chicago Marathon training is incomplete. Miles? don’t ask. Rather than bore you with a play-by-play, let’s hit the highlights.If you remember I was SINGLE for 4 of last week’s 7 days. No Caveman, no kiddos. Just me, my running shoes, bike, car keys, etc. you know the important stuff. What did I [Read More]

Quote for Thought…

“How you train is how you tackle life. Don’t avoid discomfort; deal with it head-on to get stronger. Learn how to work out with passion and that fire will carry over into everything you do.”                            –Jackie Warner, trainer and author Does the [Read More]