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Up For Air: 2010 in Review

Categories: 2010 Recap, Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon, Grand Rapids Half Marathon, Injury, pool running

Christmas was nice. It was wonderful to be with my family, the kids were delighted, Santa managed to find what he misplaced, the duplicate turned out not to be. The Buche de Noel, however…..was not so great.

In the spirit of full disclosure the cake pic in my last post was what I’d HOPED it would look like. I promise I’ll share a pic of the devastation as soon as I figure out how to download from my new camera. I could give you a post mortem on what went wrong, the lessons I learned, etc. but really, in the end, all that matters is that it tasted delicious and it was enjoyed by everyone.

My year in running was similar to that cake. Ugly at times but sweet as well.
I fought through the snow and ice to begin the year with Boston training.
Got injured in February and took my running to the pool as I rehabbed.
Emerged from the deep end to run Boston pain-free, not my fastest but sweet all the same.
Emily, Meg and me in Boston

Meg, Lindsay and Jill in Boston

The Redhead and Jill in Boston
Katie A. and her husband in Boston
Heather and Robyn in Boston 
In early summer I did some shorter races. While there was an AG victory, there were no PRs.
Summer brought on the Great running slump of 2010.  I posted my all-time personal worst in the half marathon.
I chickened out and did not do the duathlon I’d planned on. However I rode my bike more than ever and vow to do at least one duathlon in 2011.
In August I ran the oxygen -deprived Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half with my peeps in Colorado. I ran crappily. But wow us girls had a ball! I wouldn’t trade it for all the oxygen tanks in the world.
Shana and I 
Mr. SUAR, SUAR, Tara, Me and Shana in CO.
Dimity of RLAM book fame and I
Me and Geri in CO

Shana, me, Jill and Tara

I ran the hot again Chicago Marathon. It was my first DNF, albeit a mental one. Physically I finished but my mind and spirit were cooked by mile 9.
I ran Chicago on the Lupus Charity team. Thanks to many of you, I exceeded my fundraising goal five-fold, as a team we raised a record setting $60,000, and my neighbor Alex, who I ran in honor of, continues to do well!
I finished my official racing season in Grand Rapids one week post Chicago and was treated to an unlikely and very unexpected half marathon PR. Wonders never cease.

I spent the remainder of the year (except for this week) on runnbatical. I ran a Garmin-less 10k.
Bobbi and I at the turkey trot
Overall, like the Buche de Noel, not the most attractive year but it sure was delicious when I consider the friendships, the experiences and the envelopes that were pushed. Running, and life in general, is filled with ups and downs. The downs, while frustrating, make the ups that much sweeter. It is how we overcome, adapt struggle and triumph that determines the ultimate direction of the journey.
May your journey through 2011 and beyond be a sweet one! 


Sprint to the Finish

Categories: Buche de Noel, Santa, Training

Shopping is done! Wow the stores were a mess…the parking lot was a bigger mess.
Wrapping is not done!

Baking would have been done if I didn’t shoot off my mouth and volunteer to make my brother (one of two Christmas babies in our clan) a birthday cake. But not just any cake. That would make too much sense. I said I’d make the stunning and coveted Buche de Noel. It’s festive and chocolaty plus it looks like a giant woodland turd, so very appropriate for my brother…or SUAR…or any runner for that matter. I’ve never baked one before. Talk about getting out of one’s comfort zone.

Santa will be bringing Thing 1 a duplicate toy. It’s far too late to turn that sleigh around now.

Santa has also apparently misplaced something back at the pole. When will I he learn?

Workouts despite the holiday mayhem, are being done like clockwork. I may have nothing on my schedule (yet) for 2011 but rest assured I am training for SOMETHING! A girl’s got to have priorities.

With that my lovely readers and partners in running/fitness madness,
I wish you all a 
Blessed Holiday! 

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