Thanks to Alma at The Average Woman’s Running Blog, I’ve been tagged!1. What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?I am most proud of rehabbing a strained posterior tibialis last winter by spending 6 weeks running in the pool (this was huge for me as water and I don’t mix), and coming back to [Read More]

Three Below Zero Thursday

The Dreamy FrontierCurling up in a nice warm bed and sleeping virtually comatose for 8 hours when it’s zero degrees and pitch dark outside is better than….well almost anything. Lets not forget the restorative properties of sleep either shall we? Rekindling a Friendship The mill and I are once again becoming fast friends. I haven’t [Read More]

Weekend Rewind

 Bike for Tots Snowed Out!  I kept Blanche the trusty road bike out special just for this race ride. Alas snow and slick conditions caused it to be cancelled. I think my year with Blanche is finally over. Caveman’s Holiday Party Usually I am hard pressed to find something to wear. Note to Lucy, Athleta, Title [Read More]

Own Your Passion

Awhile back, I think I was freshly back from my first Boston Marathon, we had people over and someone asked to see my Boston medal. While it was being passed around someone said to me “You need to get a life.” I was taken aback, but blew it off, rationalizing it was her issues that [Read More]

Cold Weather Gear and Giveaway

I have to confess I wimped out the other day and did my miles on the mill. Something about the 47 mph winds didn’t appeal to me. Although last Sunday, I found myself a little overdressed for my long run. If you’re new to winter running or, like me, need a reminder on what to [Read More]

Confession Wednesday and Winner

1. That was not an actual pic of MIL’s burning oven on Thanksgiving. I was far too busy doing the stop, drop and roll (and chewing on cheese and crackers) to work the camera. 2. I may have worshipped at the altar of the almighty Goddess Nike on cyber Monday. 3. It’s December. My birthday [Read More]

Runnbatical Progress Report

One month of my runnbatical is complete!How’s it going you ask? Coming along nicely! Let’s review my objectives: Physical and mental break from running. Check!I’ve succeeded in keeping the Garmin off my wrist, have done zero speedwork and have run a race ‘by feel’, although I feel like it’s time to at least order a [Read More]

Weekend Rewind

Where There’s SmokeThanksgiving dinner at the inlaws’ got a little, (ok a lot) exciting. Spilled turkey drippings in the oven resulted in some impressive (and alarming) flames not to mention hours of billowing smoke. Respirator anyone?I was thankful:I ran the 10k for the extra endorphin boost.Loaded up on French toast and pancakes at said 10k.Everyone [Read More]

Race Report: Turkey Trot 10k

Bobbi and me pre-race The forecast called for raw temps accompanied by wind and rain. So I loaded up gear for every possibility, wondered why in the hell I was doing this and headed out sans posse. Bobbi and I met before we lined up and huddled in her car, cursing the weather and me [Read More]

This One’s For You

Of course I’m thankful for so many things. Although it was a challenging year running-wise, I am so grateful for the adventures and opportunities I had, disappointing races and all. The gift of running and the health benefits that come along with it are not something I take for granted. I wanted to give a [Read More]