Black Friday and a Giveaway

Seems the Black Friday promotions come earlier and appear larger every year. While I, for one, am happy to take refuge behind my computer for some cyber deals, I have no plans to venture out to physical stores the day after Thanksgiving. One year I sent Modern Caveman out in the wee hours to vie [Read More]

Weekend Rewind and a Winner

All the stores seem to be decorated for the holidays already, Christmas music is rampant, so when the kids begged to build our gingerbread house, in keeping with the ‘jump-the-gun’ spirit, I gave in. The project started with high hopes.  Then it got a tad silly.  Just when Thing 2 finally put her tongue back [Read More]

Five Fun Things

Give Me An A!Special shouts to Thing 1 who brought home straight A’s!!! I’m so proud of the way she’s rocking 4th grade! So Many Turkey TrotsIt used to be slim pickin’s around here as far as Thanksgiving races go. Not anymore.I need to get off the fence and into the roasting pan already before [Read More]

Got Willpower?

With the holidays upon us, many of us are thinking about holiday shopping, holiday parties and of course holiday eating. I came across an article about a series of studies recently, in which researchers concluded that intentionally firming your muscles, by making a fist, for example, could increase one’s willpower.  According to the article, the [Read More]

Let’s Hear It For Spectators!

Because the Caveman took on a half marathon long before I did, I was on the sidelines cheering before I ever ran in a race. Now that the fall racing season is winding down, I wanted to give special props to the spectators of the world who: Broiled or froze out there for hours on [Read More]

Weekend Rewind: Anniversary Edition

So yes, our 12th wedding anniversary came and went. The Caveman frolicked around Central Park in NYC (he claims he’s working, whatev) while I stayed here single parenting…with another cold no less. C’est la vie. Highlights by the numbers: Batches of popcorn made and consumed: 2Batches of cookies baked: 1Pots of soup made: 3Pots of [Read More]

Not Your Average Adventure Race Report

P over at Adventures of an Average Athlete invited us to participate in a Virtual Race. Runbattical or not, who am I to resist? So I did what I often do these days, I kicked back and well, drifted off for a bit. Yes I am spooning with a dog. You wanna make something of [Read More]

Confession Wednesday

It’s that time again! Here we go: 1. Our 12th wedding anniversary is this weekend. The Caveman will be in NYC on business (can you believe the nerve?). So that means I’m stalking hyper-attuned to the delivery trucks as they come and go. A little something from Tiffany perhaps? Or Fortunoff? Coach? Athleta, Lucy, Title Nine, [Read More]

Sigvaris Recovery Socks Review and Giveaway

Given my recent runnbatical proclamation, some of you were wondering why I was still running so much. It’s all in the name of some product testing for none other than you my loyal readers! Sigvaris Recovery Socks Feature true graduated compression to help athletes recover faster. Compression is strongest at the ankle and lessens as [Read More]

NYC: Armchair Elite Version

What better way to spend my runnbatical than to be glued to the NYC marathon coverage this weekend! I may have even slipped in a Virtual Adventure race somewhere between the cannon and the finish–more on that later.My observations: 1. Could the weather in NYC have been more perfect? 2. AC/DC’s Hells Bells as they [Read More]