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Manic Monday Mash

Categories: Birthday Cake, Holidays, Kona Ironman, Nike

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It was a fun day. I don’t like hills much so I’m glad not really to be over the proverbial age one. Unless you count the amorphous lump of chocolate dough ingnited by one lonely and rapidly melting candle that was presented at the restaurant and shared devoured by my overzealous family, there was no cake. Let the record show no cake for two years and counting…I suspect this may be a world record. But I got a camera the likes of which will require another graduate degree for proper operation. Should be fun…once I figure out how to turn it on.

So Inspired
Did you all watch the Kona Ironman thing on Saturday? Gosh how I love those! I was all caught up in the drama and fighting back tears the way I usually do and then, I’m embarrassed to say, I drifted off. Who falls asleep during Ironman? Apparently I do. Probably too much cakeless partying the night before. But I was so inspired with the parts I did see. More on that in another post.

Then There Were Two
That’s right folks just two more gifts to buy and I am home free after wrapping on the holiday front! I was at the post office bright and early Saturday morning shipping out my gift exchange items, so kind of late but I’m hopeful they’ll get there in time.

Capri Warming
Although still mourning my old ones,  I wore my new NBCs (Nike black capris) to spin yesterday. They were fine I guess. The fabric is different…thinner…but hopefully my love will grow.

Who inspired you this weekend?


Frantic Birthday Friday

Categories: Advanced Marathoning, Birthdays, Pete Pfitzinger

This post started as 3 Things Thursday, morphed into something else then all hell broke loose when, at the last minute direction of Thing 1’s ‘room mom’ at school, I ended up driving all over town in search of napkins for the class holiday party that depict ‘winter’ rather than Santa, menorahs or anything else un PC. What I came up with? White. Yes white as the driven snow. What says winter party better than white? Nothing.

I was planning on waxing all poetic on age spots declining lactate threshold, getting chin hairs better not older, being afraid to drive after dark worth it, you know the usual cliches. But my holiday cards are sitting here right next to my gift exchange stuff, I have a few (ok six) more gifts to buy and it looks like this will be the year I wrap said gifts in pack ratted marathon heat sheets unless I make it back to Tarjay pronto.

Oh I did get myself a gift. Can’t guarantee I’ll actually follow a plan in it (it intimidates the heck out of me), but it is food for thought.

Time marches on as I celebrate my birthday in fine style directing the snowball relay and crafting snowmen from marshmallows and pretzel sticks with my favorite 4th graders. Modern Caveman and the kids are taking me out for dinner and gosh darn it I hope they get a cake this year.

Have a Great Weekend!

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