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Seven Signs You’re Ready for Fall

Categories: Autumn, Halloween, Tapering

One point for each:

1. You have pumpkins!
Check. But just this one so far. More to come!

2. You’ve baked, eaten or drank something pumpkin.
Fail. Check. Fail.
No fall baking yet, although I bought a pumpkin pie (and had my way with it) and I dream about a nice pumpkin spice latte or something equally seasonal.

3. Fall flowers are in.
Check! See the mums?

4. You’ve jumped the gun on Halloween decor.
Check. I saw these nasty birds and just had to get them. Much more decor to come though.

5. You bought Halloween Candy
Check. But just one bag…so far…

6. You’re using Halloween candy as part of your fueling plan.
Fail. But it sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

7. You’re tapering for a fall race
 and you have hideous feet to prove it.
Check. Bonus points for black toenails.
Happy Autumnal Equinox Everyone!


Beware of the Taper Brain

Categories: Tapering, Yoga

My kids aren’t the most forthcoming about what goes on in school. Especially Thing 2, who started Kindergarten recently.
So it was a welcome surprise when I got a call from her gym teacher asking me to come be ‘gym helper’. I jumped at the chance to be the nosy mom and scope out see Thing 2 and her class in action…or so it seemed. 
When I enter the taper phase of a training cycle, seemingly simple decisions automatically grow more complex. I tend to overthink, overcompensate, and any ability to be rational is heavily compromised.
Take this seemingly simple phone conversation:
Gym teacher: Are you available to come be gym helper?
Me: Oh yes of course I’d love to!
My Taper Brain: Crap, will this conflict with my run? But I’ll be tapering by then…it should be ok…
GT: I have openings on 9/21, 9/30 and (I was no longer listening).
Me: I’ll take 9/21, that should work fine.
Taper Brain: I’ll just run at 5am…or 4:30…or move it to the next day. I hope they don’t expect any cartwheels out of me….that would be war on the angry hamstring for sure. Why did I volunteer for this again?
GT: Just wear gym shoes and come to the gym a few minutes before 10am.
Me: Great see you then!
Taper Brain: Hmmm…running shoes or cross trainers? My feet are mincemeat after Sunday’s 21 miler. I hope I don’t make a flipping fool of myself and embarrass Thing 2. Of course I’ll be fine. I’m a RUNNER for heaven’s sake! I hope the place isn’t teeming with germs…cannot afford to get sick again…
So the big day arrived. I reported to the gym in time to watch Thing 2 and her class march in. Thing 2, bless her heart, did a happy dance when she spotted me and came and sat next to me in the circle. 
Activity on the docket? YOGA!
To me there are few things more precious in life than watching a class of 5 year olds work through a series of yoga postures. The time flew by, none of my ornery body parts seized up and it was a total treat! I am glad I was able to over-rule my crazy taper brain (if only for a half hour) and enjoy the experience.

Are you tapering?

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