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    I'm a stay-at-home-mom who, as part of a mid-life challenge, decided to run a marathon for kicks. I didn't plan on it becoming a hobby, but it did. I QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON at my second marathon and slipped into the vortex. Join me as I fulfill my dream of running the marathon majors.

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Planet Gear Giveaway

Categories: Food Bank Donations, Giveaway, K-Swiss, Long May You Run, PlanetGear.com

Our generous friends at Planet Gear are donating one can of food to the local food bank for each ‘like’ they get on Facebook until December 15.

Plus, among other great things, they have a blowout sale going on right now on K-Swiss shoes and apparel you won’t wanna miss.

One lucky reader will win a $40 Planet Gear gift voucher.

To Enter:
You must be a Studly Runner A-lister (follower). Tell me in a comment you are.

Bonus Entries:
+1: Like Planet Gear on Facebook and they’ll send a can of food to the food bank in your honor. Tell me in a comment.
+1: Encourage your friends to like Planet Gear on Facebook by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Tell me in a comment what you did.

Deadline for entry is December 17.
Good Luck!
Just had to share:
Here’s a very funny Runner’ 12 Days of Christmas 
by Chris Cooper, Author of Long May You Run


Birthday Week This and That and a Winner

Categories: Abercrombie/Fitch, Hamstring Injury, Holiday Shopping, Neocell Collagen Sport, Target

Yep, smack in the middle of holiday chaos, yours truly is getting…even…Older! Actually I never minded as a kid because things were so festive and fun and my birthday often fell on class party day. But now? Well it beats the alternative I guess.
Thing 2: “Mom who do you want on your birthday cake:
Dr. Phil, Barefoot Contessa or Kara Goucher?”

I’ve been planting the seeds for a bike trainer for months now.
Bike trainers grow in the ground don’t ya know?
See where it says Cycle Ops Power? Yeah me neither.

Yesterday, Ye Olde Garmin would not hold a charge.
 I think I have the oldest Garmin known to man. And I’m ok with that…kind of… 
Geez my wrist sure is hairy.

Visions of this danced in my head.
Then Ye Olde Garmin started working again. So never mind.
Many of you are on a running streak. Me? Target streak. Every freaking day. I am there. And, as if I even needed to defend my best mom ever title, I’m on an Abercrombie & Fitch streak as well. I drive the teenagers nuts in there, groping through their neat stacks, ultimately asking them to find sizes…not that I’m usually so high-maintenance but because I can’t see a damn thing it’s so freaking dark and cave-like in there. Pitch-black, heavy with the smell of noxious fumes cologne and oh the music. I won’t even start.
I thought I was so stealthy until Thing 1 said:
 “Mom you smell like Abercrombie…and why are you shouting?”
Angry ham update:
Although the ass-cheek therapy (or ACT) hasn’t gotten any less embarrassing easier, the angry hamstring seems to be enjoying it. I managed 22 miles (not all at once) last week and the period where it feels like I’m being chased by a barbed-wire-wrapped cattle prod is getting progressively shorter. The feeling that something’s flapping around in there is completely gone. I call that progress.

Collagen Sport Winner!
Congrats to Ajh from Age Groups Rock!
Please email me and your prize will be on its way.
Plus, here’s a coupon code for everyone: CIP001
It’s good for $5 off any NeoCell product and free shipping when you spend $20 at iHerb.
Thanks to NeoCell for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!

Are you streaking?

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