Stuff I Love Friday

1. Thing 2 brought home an assignment the other day:  Disguise the turkey so it won’t be eaten for Thanksgiving:  Holy turkey breast Batman! She transformed said turkey into a buxom mermaid. Complete with princess crown of course. Hilarious. 2. It’s no secret I love Lucy. I’m on a first name basis with the sales [Read More]

Past, Present, Future

Google Images I got out for a bike ride yesterday, actually it was on the brisk side and the winds were ornery but still, I’m riding on borrowed time weather-wise so I’ll take any ride I can get. I rode Blanche, the trusty road bike more than ever this year, most likely due to injury. [Read More]

Halloween: Final Nougats and Two Winners

I am whipped after yesterday’s festivities. The day started with a trip to Thing 2’s school for the costume parade. Here’s my ‘ocean sparkle fairy’ in action. I swear she’s a fairy of some kind. Every. Freaking. Year.  Whatever floats your boat, right? Next I high-tailed it back to the homestead to finish up the [Read More]

Halloween Weekend Rewind and Other Scary Stuff

Google Images By the time you read this I’ll probably be off on my broom, nine batches of Rice Krispie Treats in tow, headed to various school Halloween parades, parties and the like.Trick or treating is after school today, which is a good thing as we had high winds and a major downpour yesterday. Workout-wise [Read More]

Stress Less Holiday Training Plan: Progress Report

google images It’s been one week since I started the base building phase of my Stress Less Holiday Training Plan.For those who missed it, it’s not an exercise plan at all, but rather a framework designed to get me through the holiday season in one piece, with some degree of sanity, more peacefully and joyfully.For [Read More]

2 Yummy Things Thursday: Squash Edition

Kisses for Kate Bake SaleAfter exhausting hours in the test kitchen, I’ve finally settled on my submission: Butternut Blondies,  Brunettes and RedheadsThese moist, yummy treats are made with whole wheat pastry flour, grated butternut squash, lots of autumn spices and a touch of brown sugar.The winning bidder will get their choice of blondies (white chocolate [Read More]

Schools and Recess

I’m sitting here sipping the last of my pumpkin spice coffee (Really. The entire bag is gone and its not even Halloween) reading the newspaper ( yes, I’m that old.  The Chicago Tribune is probably keeping a printing press going just for me).Apparently there’s a new career out there I was not aware of:Recess CoachThe [Read More]

Weekend Rewind: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Are you sitting down? I’ll wait.The weather was sparkling and cool and fabulous here all weekend. Lows in the high 30’s, highs approaching 70, fall colors at their peak.My long run did not happen.Yes, you read that right. No run of any kind in fact, unless you count some meager warmup time on the mill. [Read More]

Is There a Training Plan For That?

Is it just me or are you starting to get all white knuckled too when you think of how quickly the holidays are approaching? Even though Halloween isn’t even here yet, I’m already feeling holiday pressure creeping up:Stores are teeming with toys and decorations.It’s ‘my year’ to have Thanksgiving.I swore this was the year I [Read More]

Baby It’s Cold Out There: Giveaway

Just in time for our chilly fall weather, Agloves sent me a pair of their sport gloves to try out. Now, being the badass Midwesterner that I am, and because, like a dog, I seem to sweat through my paws, er I mean palms, it has to be below 25 or so for me to [Read More]