Foodie Friday

I had a cooking/baking jag here yesterday.  I also made my once-a-decade pilgrimage to the DMV (passed the eye exam–take that old age!) so it was a pretty special day in my world.

Since I probably already told you more than you wanna know about the DMV, I’ll bore you with my culinary exploits.

I started off with a fine Butternut Squash soup. The hardest part of this one was chiseling the skin off the squash. I nearly lopped a knuckle off doing that.

Next came an old standby: Roasted Sweet Potato/Tomato Soup

Then things got a little crazy. I decided to have a little ‘throwdown’ action. I love me some holiday baking but I don’t do nearly as much as I used to. I’ve never found a really, really good sugar cookie recipe. So I tried three different ones, all claiming to be ‘the best’ and find out for myself. Not one, not two but three batches of sugar-cookie dough were mixed yesterday. Bake-off and judging to come. First I NEED to go run! Stay tuned.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie recipe?


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    That is too funny, Marcia – I just posted about soup and cookies, too! We must be in the same mental place :)- hope you’re not as crazy as I am! Your soup looks delish!

    I tend to go on cooking jags, too. Must be all that pent up running energy we have. But sometimes I just do some “living room aerobics” :)

  2. says

    That’s impressive! I love soups and have been making one every week all fall/winter. I’m impressed you did two in one day, PLUS all the cookies. Well done.

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