In March I Will…

…Keep on swimming. The loathing is bound to end someday


…Run 100 miles. I’ve never set a mileage goal before

…Track my food via MyFitnessPal, except during spring break all bets are off


…Kick back on spring break



…Go cave tubing

…Return to drinking my coffee black

…Go on a blog field trip

…Gain a brother in law

What will you do in March?


  1. says

    Awesome list!

    I will:

    -Celebrate 3 kids’ birthdays and our wedding anniversary
    -shave my legs
    -read a BOOK!
    -stop paying any attention to negativity.

  2. says

    Cave tubing looks awesome!!

    In March I will volunteer at an adventure race, possibly do my first mountain bike race of the year (for which I’m totally not trained), watch my youngest at Pinewood Derby districts, hopefully watch my middle son take his oath as a Marine, and volunteer at adventure camp!

  3. says

    I like the way that My Fitness Pal eventually works up a frequent foods list, making it easier to add your daily food entries. That goal won’t be too hard to accomplish!

  4. says

    Your sister’s getting married? How cool is that!?

    I’m actually going to try to run in March. :)

    Miss you, Louise!

  5. says

    …complete my second group project for the class i’m taking
    …continue training for a half-marathon
    …celebrate 25th wedding anniversary!!
    …go on vacation during spring break with Husband and Daughter.

  6. says

    Looks like you have a great plan for March. I’m hoping to get over 100 miles, too.
    Glad that you are giving yourself a break from food tracking while y’all are enjoying your spring break trip!!!

  7. says

    Swimming…not a fan. I’ve tried to be. I’ve taken lessons. The only swimming I enjoy is jumping from the boat to the waterski. Guess a tri is not in my future!

    I’m interested in this cave tubing. I’ve got teenage boys…could be something they’d like!

    I cannot wait to go to Florida.

  8. says

    I’ll be making lots of cakes because it’s a busy birthday month. I’ll be running a lot because of my half coming up early April. I’ll be working a lot because it’s competition season. And I’ll probably get pretty tired from all the running, baking and working.

  9. says

    I will run the LA Marathon.
    I will run at least 120 miles.
    I will continue to avoid my favorite cupcake shop!

  10. says

    Oooh cave tubing sounds fun! We are going to Arizona next week and I can’t wait to feel the sunshine on my face!! Also in March is the Big Climb:)

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