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Apera Bag Review and Giveaway

Categories: Apera Bags, Giveaways, Product Reviews, Running Gear

It’s been a tough winter. While I survived, barely, I’m sorry to say my gym bag bit the dust. It was too worn out to go on. The salt stains were the last straw. Truth is I never really loved it anyway. It wasn’t big enough (twss). Especially if I wanted to workout AND swim (you know, because I’m a badass swimmah now–ha!).

Finally, my ship, er I mean my bag, came in. Apera very kindly allowed me to select a bag of my choice to try out. SO many great ones! Do I want a Performance Duffel? Active Pack? Yoga Tote? Tech Pack? Sling Tote? This took awhile. Finally Thing 1 got exasperated with me and shouted “Geez mom get the pink one!” How do they get so smart so fast?


The pink Performance Duffel arrived in all its glory. I swear I needed a virtual tour to acquaint myself with every pocket-filled nook and cranny. It’s roomy. I’ll have no problemo fitting all 3 of my running getups in here when it comes time to pack for the Flying Pig 3-way.


 Separate shoe compartments: Not one but two (hello spinning shoes or pool/shower flip flops). Because nothing good comes from smushing your clothes with shoes. 

The whole shebang is well vented and antimicrobial so there’ll be no sweaty stinkola. What? I don’t smell of flowers?

There’s a washable, pull-out insert perfect for sweat-soaked workout wear or your wet swimsuit.


The water bottle holder may be my favorite features. A spilled water bottle inside my gym bag may have scarred me for life. 


The small pockets up top and inside are perfect for the gym membership card I’m always losing as well as electronics.

As if the bag weren’t nice enough, for every three bags they sell, Apera donates one to a Special Olympics Athlete. Cool, yes? Overall a super well-made, highly functional bag that I highly recommend. There are some great sales going on at the Apera website as well as a giveaway you need to check out. And, because I love you, I’ve got a giveaway here as well.


WIN IT! One lucky reader will win an Apera Sprint Pack. This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents.

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2 Things and a Giveaway

Categories: 1/2 Marathon, Book Reviews, Coconut Oil, Giveaways, Zym Electrolyte Tablets

1. Half marathon training was turned upside down by last week’s cold. I thought it was the final tough week in my training plan but this week is no picnic either. After sitting through RRCA certification all weekend, I managed to wedge in a 13-miler on Monday.  But, as much as I’d love to deny it, a blanket of chest gunk made that effort tougher and slower than it should have been. Running is hard. Especially when you get sick and skip a week’s work of quality efforts. I fought the urge to pile on the 800m repeats and long tempo segments I missed because we all know that’s a big no-no and knowing me, I’d come away injured. I loathe being negative and making excuses but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see my A goal of sub-2 slipping away. Although I’m over the cold, it’s been working it’s way through the rest of the family like clockwork: every 4 days it claims a new victim. Thing 2 was home from school with me yesterday. Praying she’ll feel ok on our flight to Houston. Does missing workouts shake your confidence?

Speaking of Houston, my final two long runs will be done there. I’ve been to Dallas a bunch of times but Houston will be new to me. I hope I don’t melt. What is the warmest city you’ve run in? Me? Maui….Dallas….Charleston…..Chicago haha!


2. I received Cooking with Coconut Oil a couple of weeks ago for testing purposes and oh wow do I ever love it! The Caveman, being his Paleo self, keeps coconut oil and coconut butter on hand and eats it straight from the jar. Me? I’ve always wanted to use it but did not know how to cook with it. Until now. This book is packed with gluten- and grain-free recipes. Salads, dressings, main dishes, sides, desserts, there are a bunch of great recipes for all. So far I made…

carrots …caramelized carrots….


…and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Lime/Cilantro Dressing. Both very easy and so good! I can’t wait to try more recipes from this cookbook!
Now, because it’s spring and all, and to thank you for hanging with me through this post, remember ZYM Electrolyte tablets I reviewed last week? I’ve got a couple of tubes for a couple of lucky readers.
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