Things To Do After a Goal Race & Giveaway

EDS Race finish

After months of training and hard work, you’ve crossed the finish line. Congratulations. But now what? Let’s talk about things to do post-race: Recover: You’ve got about a 30 minute window to take in some protein and carbs to start the muscle repair process. Hydrate too with an electrolyte drink. With the thrill/exhaustion of the [Read More]

National Running Day Giveaway

Wahoo Tickrx giveaway

To celebrate National Running Day, I’m giving away a running and fitness gadget that I’m super loving right now: I told you about the Wahoo Fitness TICKR X before here and here and how cool it is. It’s a heart rate monitor and so much more. Wear the strap up, around your rib cage and [Read More]

Runner/Cyclist Safety and a Giveaway

Safety Tips for Runners and Cyclists

The other day I was out riding my bike along the shoulder of a not-very-busy road when an SUV passed me. Maybe 100 ft. beyond me though, that SUV drifted over onto the shoulder, over the 3 ft of gravel and finally into the grass before finally veering back onto the road. Distracted driver? On [Read More]

Spartan Race Discount and Giveaway


I hope everybody’s out enjoying a long holiday weekend. I’m actually out in Pennsylvania celebrating my FIL’s 80th birthday but this Memorial Day special from Spartan Race is too good not to mention. Simply go here to sign up for the Spartan Race of your choice and use code MEMORIAL to save! Hurry–offer expires on [Read More]

#NOWgetfit Immersion and Giveaway

NOW welcome

By the way I’ve carried on over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you probably already know I went on a blog “field trip” last week that was all kinds of awesome. I, and some of my fellow Fitfluential Ambassadors, were invited to NOW Foods, in Bloomingdale, IL, for an immersion event. That’s code for we [Read More]

March Recap and a Giveaway


Miles Run: 72 Lowest mileage since December. Blah. Miles on Bike: 20 First outside rides of the year! Pool Swims: 10 sessions. This month I started to calculate distance rather than just swim for 30 minutes. My longest swim was 1300 yds. Ocean Swim: 1. This wasn’t great because of the salt-in-the-mouth factor but I [Read More]

SLS3 Compression Giveaway

SLS compression

You know I love me some compression to help my legs recover post long run. When this pair from SLS3 showed up on my doorstep it was like a breath of fresh, spring air. Could I love the color more? Or hello, the butterflies? I think not. Cute colors aside, these socks are just right: [Read More]

Espirit de She Giveaway


If you hang with me here, you know I’m an Ambassador for the Espirit de She race series again this year. Except I went a little crazy and decided I’d try a tri this year. I’m off swimming…or trying to…today. And then it’s time to start thinking about what it is I’ll actually wear to [Read More]

Stuff I Love and a Giveaway

lilly trotters

1. Before we delve into things I’m loving now, let me just say I’m especially loving that there might just be an end in sight to this polar madness we’ve endured for way too long! 50’s next week? Yes please! 2. Beautiful breakfast. I’m all about coffee first thing in the morning. I know it’s [Read More]