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2015 Race Plans

Categories: #RocknBlogger, Race Schedule, Race Series, Racing, Running, Tuesdays on the Run

My 2015 race schedule is sketchy at best right now. Thanks to the RocknBlog gig, it’ll be a little like Where in the world is Marcia? Because I am absolutely smitten (there I said it) with this strength training thing I’ve got going, and forcing myself to concentrate on learning to swim, I won’t start official race training until February. I also need to work around Thing 1’s track schedule. Remember I missed her conference championships because I was in Cincinnati running Flying Pig last year? Yeah, that can’t happen again. Here’s how things are shaping up so far:


April 12: RnR Raleigh (longshot) I’m putting it here in hopes of willing it to happen.

April 25: RnR Nashville Half.

June 14: Espirit de She Tri. The rest of the schedule is contingent on me not drowning here.

July: I’ll be in Europe most of this month. If I can scare up a race, I will. Best of all, I’m finally meeting The Black Knight in Rome. I think Stefano’s been blogging as long as I have.

August: Fort2Base Nautical 10 miler. This race is always hot, but I love it. Plus the earlybird pricing was irresistible.

October 17-18: RnR St. Louis. So many people I already feel like I know, to finally meet or see again here. Mike, Kate, Carla, Kovas. I’m going for the gusto and doing the 5k and half.

November 7-8: RnR Savannah. (longshot) planets and cheap flights will have to align to make this happen. But I’ve wanted to run this one since the beginning of time.

November 13-15: RnR Vegas.

Let’s go back to that Raleigh–Nashville–Savannah triad:

southern surprise

There’s bonus bling bling if I can pull off those 3 races. Cool, yes? Yes.

What does your race calendar look like so far? Have you ever done a race series?

I’m Linking up with Erica, Patty and April for Tuesdays on the Run.



Insomniac’s 3 Things

Categories: 1/2 Marathon, Flying Pig Half Marathon, Race Schedule, Three Things Thursday, Wisconsin Half Marathon

1. I got up at 2:50 am and never really went back to sleep. The room was too hot, the dogs started bugging me at 3 and again a 4. I got up at 4:30. I still haven’t run. I’m leaning toward saving it for tomorrow when it’s supposed to be way cooler.
2. You know those Asian nail salons where the technicians shout in foreign tongues and you wonder WTH they’re talking about? I read an article written by a Vietnamese journalist where she outed them. They’re gossiping. About us. But we already knew that, right? I can just imagine what they say about my hideous, black toenails. Actually they’re petite flowers right now, cuz I haven’t marathoned since last year. Haven’t been in one of those nail salons in eons either.
3. While most people snag a t-shirt or coffee mug on vacation, look at the spoon I found laying on the floor near baggage claim at Sea-Tac airport on our way to Alaska. The kids (and everyone else for that matter) were totally grossed out when I picked it up. I call it my royal spoon. I think of Alaska every time I eat yogurt with it. See? I told you I was tired.
4. Yes, four things, I’m getting punchy. Thing 2 has been begging for 2 years now to go to the Flying Pig Marathon. It conflicts with Wisconsin, which I’ve done the past two years. It’ll conflict again. So do I:

  1. Do FP next May?
  2. Blow off FP and do Wisconsin a third time?
  3. Do Wisconsin on Saturday then high tail it to Cincinnati for FP on Sunday?

I’m leaning toward option 3. Or if I do option 1, I’d do the 3-way (5k/10k/half) and the kids would do the kids’ races.

Are you planning 2014 races?

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