2015 Race Plans


My 2015 race schedule is sketchy at best right now. Thanks to the RocknBlog gig, it’ll be a little like Where in the world is Marcia? Because I am absolutely smitten (there I said it) with this strength training thing I’ve got going, and forcing myself to concentrate on learning to swim, I won’t start [Read More]

Insomniac’s 3 Things


1. I got up at 2:50 am and never really went back to sleep. The room was too hot, the dogs started bugging me at 3 and again a 4. I got up at 4:30. I still haven’t run. I’m leaning toward saving it for tomorrow when it’s supposed to be way cooler. 2. You [Read More]

February Wrap-Up

Happy March! It’s in like a lion here with blowing snow (what else is new?) and frigid wind chills. So let’s wrap up February: Miles run: 71 Miles Cycled: 75 Races: 1 Muddy Monk Frozen 5: DNS because the trails were a sheet of ice. Virtual Races: 3 Colton’s Army Grandma Lil Team Gab Goals for [Read More]

3 Things Thursday and a Winner


What I say vs what I do: I mentioned 2013 was going to be the year of the 5k for me. No more LSD….yeah right. What races have I signed up for so far? 3 half marathons. Back to the gym: I finally made it to my first spin class of the year.  The parking [Read More]

How Do You Choose a Race?


It’s January and race calendars are filling furiously. I signed up for a whopping one race (Wisconsin Half Marathon) so far! But I’m shopping and that may be half the fun. Last year my goal was to have fun and pretty much stay in half marathon shape all year with a build toward a fall [Read More]

Racing Ahead: 4C’s for 2012

google images It’s no secret I did not light the running world on fire this year.I got off to a soggy start and it pretty much went downhill from there, culminating in not one but two injuries that derailed my fall marathon plans. Oh and let’s not forget the pair of BDD Pukie Awards.Miraculously, of [Read More]