October Loves and a Winner


Larabars: You know it’s a good day when a box from Larabar shows up on your doorstep. Larabar and I go way back. When Thing 2 was a preschooler, I ran while she went to school and as soon as I finished, I’d pick her up and we’d share a Larabar. The ALT bars are [Read More]

3 Things Thursday and a Winner


What I say vs what I do: I mentioned 2013 was going to be the year of the 5k for me. No more LSD….yeah right. What races have I signed up for so far? 3 half marathons. Back to the gym: I finally made it to my first spin class of the year.  The parking [Read More]

Stuff I Love: November Edition


Shower Pill: You all know I’ve been going to hot vinyasa flow (or as I like to say ‘sweat your nuts off, or SYNO ) yoga for a couple of weeks now. I was beginning to think when I survived the 3rd class that things were looking up and SYNO was no longer impossible.  Alas [Read More]

October Stuff I Love


Time already for another installment of stuff I’m digging. Time flies! Athleta’s Power Mesh CYA  Skirt. OMG kids this makes my heart sing. Gorgeous color and print. Slip it over capris, tights or compression shorts. This one’s a top contender for Marine Corps Marathon attire. I can’t help but wonder if I could rock my [Read More]

5 Things I’m Loving Now


1. Trader Joe’s Organic Greens. Typically I’m not a fan of bagged lettuces but, since I didn’t grow any in the garden this year,  I can’t resist this. It’s a mix of baby kale, spinach and chard. All tiny and tender and delicious. I use it on sandwiches, salads, as a bed for other veggies, in [Read More]

Bark! Plus Burning Questions

We went to a party over the weekend. A friend of ours turned 50 plus they have a new puppy, their third Border Collie! The girls with Theo, almost 3 months old. I often find hostess gifts challenging, especially when I don’t know the people well. With the recent cooler weather, I’ve had a wicked [Read More]

Got Willpower?

With the holidays upon us, many of us are thinking about holiday shopping, holiday parties and of course holiday eating. I came across an article about a series of studies recently, in which researchers concluded that intentionally firming your muscles, by making a fist, for example, could increase one’s willpower.  According to the article, the [Read More]

Confession Wednesday

It’s that time again! Here we go: 1. Our 12th wedding anniversary is this weekend. The Caveman will be in NYC on business (can you believe the nerve?). So that means I’m stalking hyper-attuned to the delivery trucks as they come and go. A little something from Tiffany perhaps? Or Fortunoff? Coach? Athleta, Lucy, Title Nine, [Read More]