The Breakup


I’m just not that into them. Or maybe they’re not that into me. Mizuno Wave Creations have been my jam for my entire life as a marathoner. That’s since 2007 in case you were wondering. All 50+ halfs and 8 fulls, all in Mizuno. So much history. Things started unraveling last year. Something changed, causing [Read More]

My Big Fat European Vacation

Europe emerald princess

We’re back from our epic trip, if you hadn’t guessed. Wonderful does not do it justice. Actually no words do. It was beyond amazing to spend 3 sun-drenched weeks trekking through Europe with 3 of my favorite people. I’ve been flooded with questions about the trip so I’ll chip away at them bit by bit [Read More]

Stuff I’m Bringing to Europe

spandits closeup

We’re shipping out shortly for a European odyssey. Packing light is the name of the game. Except undies. Gotta have plenty of those. Now that I’ve procured an extensive stash of skivvies, packing is in full swing here. Here’s what else I’ll be dragging across the pond: 1. Compression Socks. I love them for recovery and [Read More]

Weekend Rewind: Summer Edition


I made Saturday a rest day to accommodate Thing 1’s graduation/birthday party. It was a ton of work but a ton of fun too. Oh and drama. Gotta love some family drama. Not. But it is what it is. At least the weather cooperated. Sunday I got out at the crack of dawn when it [Read More]

Runfession Friday Linkup

EDS wetsuit on

It’s Runfession Friday! The day we spill our fitness transgressions and start fresh and new for another month. Share yours today and the last Friday of every month by linking your postup below. I promise you’ll feel better. Let’s go! Wetsuit struggles. At my triathlon, they pushed back the race start twice due to lightning. [Read More]

Who’s Old?

Oxygen cover

I was catching up on my Oxygen Magazine the other day at the pool as I lounged, er I mean waited impatiently for a swim lane to open up. This pretty lady caught my eye. Ava’s a figure competitor at the ripe old age of…wait for it…gasp! 43! As someone who has 43 in her [Read More]

It’s a Sickness

heinous race

How I know there’s another triathlon in my future: I crossed the finish line and as soon as I flopped into the Caveman’s arms my first words were “I’m not doing that again.” Those were my exact words when I finished my first marathon in 2007. The miserably hot, humid and cancelled one they officially [Read More]

Five Fitness Favorites

Spandits collage

It’s time for another edition of “Stuff I Love”! This time I’m talking about things I’m loving on the workout front: Enduro Packs: For 30 days during peak tri training, I used Enduropacks Daily Micronutrients. It consists of a daily Liquid Multi-Vitamin, which is rather tasty if I do say so myself, L-Glutamine Recovery Complex, a [Read More]

Things To Do After a Goal Race & Giveaway

EDS Race finish

After months of training and hard work, you’ve crossed the finish line. Congratulations. But now what? Let’s talk about things to do post-race: Recover: You’ve got about a 30 minute window to take in some protein and carbs to start the muscle repair process. Hydrate too with an electrolyte drink. With the thrill/exhaustion of the [Read More]