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January Runfessions Linkup

Categories: Runfessions, Running, Swimming, Training

It’s that time once again. Time to put it all out there to cleanse your athletic sole…I mean soul. Since I’m a multi-sport athlete, I’ll also be sharing gym- and swimfessions. Feel free to do the same. Whatever you wanna fess up to is just fine by me. Let’s get started, shall we?


I forgot to bring my running shoes to the gym and had to run on the mill wearing the trail clunkers that I parade about town in the snow in. Yes, I was that person. At least I dried off the slush.

Since I hit up the gym so often, I’m rapidly becoming addicted to that tiny pocket Lulu puts in their tights and capris. Because who wants to pin their locker key to their clothes? No one ever.  What other (cheaper) brands have this?

Speaking of workout wear, I like to limit mine to 2 dresser drawers….cough and considerable closet space but let’s not talk about that cough. However, lately there’s been some, shall we say, encroachment. Workout wear expanding into additional, unsanctioned drawers. Ok I’ll say it. I’ve got too much. I’ve even moved some to the lower level…which I may never wear again but I can’t CAN’T part with. Help me, I am weak!

FullSizeRender (47)

I’ve been swimming for a whole month almost and still have no idea how to put on my freaking swim cap. Is this the front? The side? Should I put it on in the locker room? Or poolside? I’ve been pulling it over my ears, is that right? Color me clueless.

When I check in at the gym’s front desk, they call me “Ann”. The first time they did it I wasn’t sure what I heard. The second time I thought there might be a chance they called me “Ma’am. But yesterday, it’s for sure, they’re calling me Ann. Which makes me wonder: Who is Ann? Why do I have her card? And where is Marcia’s card? Is Ann using it??

I fired up training for RnR Nashville this week. Except I neglected to take the Garmin out of hibernation. So we’ll never really know how tempoish or not my run was today. It’s probably better that way.

Ok what’ve you got? Link em up below and be sure to visit other Runfessors. There, don’t you feel better already? Did you enter my giveaway?


Life Lessons Learned in the Pool

Categories: Life Lessons, Swimming, Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Did you ever think you were a certain kind of person until something proved you were not? That’s how I feel about swimming. I thought I was patient. Until swimming showed me how impatient I can be. I thought I was calm. Until I realized I was not exhaling fully under the water then coming up for more and more air until I dissolve into full-on panic. I thought I was capable. I figured being a decent runner would translate to being a decent swimmer. But apparently being able to run 26 miles at a crack doesn’t mean I possess the endurance necessary to swim more than a few minutes at a time.

You see my affirmation posts on Instagram about how I’m going to have the best swim yet and finally breakthrough and figure this damn thing out. The truth is I’m overwhelmed. There’s just SO much to think about. All. At. Once. But I’m learning too.

Life Lessons I Learned in the Pool

Life lessons I am learning:

One thing at a time. There are just so many components. Stroke, hand position, arm position, body position, kick, breathing, rolling the body but not lifting the head. For now, when I swim, I calm down and focus on breathing. Inhale, exhale. I have to trust the rest will come in time and not worry about it now.

showing up

Practice: As much as I am completely out of my comfort zone, I made learning to swim a priority. Even if I have to cut a run short or skip a strength training session, I force myself to keep showing up at the pool.

henry ford quote

Be Positive: In swimming and in life, attitude is everything. In the pool I can’t afford to be negative for one second.

Visualize Success: In my mind I’m Dara Torres. Rippling muscles and all. I definitely feel like a poser right now but I play mental images of me emerging strong and triumphant from the water at the Espirit de She Tri over and over and over.

Always Be grateful: As much as I dislike the process of learning to swim, and there are a million things I’d rather be doing (pap smear anyone?) I am grateful to have the opportunity to do so. I have access to a pool (with warm water!), an open lane, good equipment.

Find your tribe and lean on them: I’m an independent person. A lone wolf runner. But I started swimming so completely clueless, I needed all the help I could get. This community has been amazing. So many of you have reached out with helpful tips, resources and shared what worked for you. I also watch others around me at the pool. I actually eavesdropped in on a private lesson the other day. My own lessons start next week.

Inhale calm

Just Chill: I’ve carved out 15 minutes every afternoon (in my usual sugar-binge time) to make a cup of green tea and just chill. I relax, go to a happy place, think about my day, celebrate progress, no matter how small, and visualize success.

What have challenges you’ve taken on taught you?

thinking out loud

I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. Remember tomorrow and the last Friday of every month is Runfession time! Share your Run- Gym- and Swimfessions (heaven knows I’ve got a few) and link em up right here!

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