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    I'm a stay-at-home-mom who, as part of a mid-life challenge, decided to run a marathon for kicks. I didn't plan on it becoming a hobby, but it did. I QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON at my second marathon and slipped into the vortex. Join me as I fulfill my dream of running the marathon majors.

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#SummerShapeUp Giveaway

Categories: Balance Bars, Ball Mason Jar Infuser, Giveaways, Summer

Balance Bars are a sentimental favorite around here. I first started eating them to fuel my runs when I began training for distances longer than 10k back in 2006. Chocolate Peanut Butter was my flavor of choice.

Since then the kids really got into the cookie dough bars. Because we’re always on the go, I keep some in our gym and skating bags. They offer the perfect balance of 40-30-30 (carbs-protein-fat) nutrition but best of all, they taste great. To celebrate summer, Balance Bar has partnered with fitness trainer Holly Del Rosso, who has put together exercise videos to help shape you up for warmer weather. Check out her 30-minute lower body workout here and stay tuned for more workouts to come.

Another important factor when getting in shape, especially in summer, is hydration. While I adore water, sometimes I just don’t get around to drinking enough of it. Well when this super-cool Ball Mason Jar Infuser showed up, that was no longer a problem.


If you follow the MHS Facebook page, you already know how obsessed I am with this thing. Just slice up some of your favorite fresh fruit, insert it in the infuser then fill the jar with cold water for pure, natural refreshment with some fruity pizazz. I’ve got raspberries and lime in there in the pic but today I went with peach and blueberry. Such a fun way to hydrate!
One lucky reader will win a #SummerShapeUp Goodie Box that includes:

  • A bunch of Balance Bars in Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter flavors
  • A Ball Mason Jar Infuser
  • A pair of handy dandy earbuds

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TTT: Biking, Running, Drinking. Oh My!

Categories: Bike Riding, Bike Safety, Chocolate Milk Refuel, Jost Running


Bike/Run Road Safety. Believe me, I know there are plenty of crazy drivers out there. Ones that won’t slow or budge one inch over for you. I’ve had cigarettes thrown out of cars miss me by inches. I could go on. BUT. We need to be careful too. Twice in a single day, I was sitting in the car at a stop light that turned green. The first time, I saw a woman on the sidewalk riding her bike at a clip fast enough that I questioned whether she’d stop for the light. She didn’t. She flew right into traffic and for the grace of God I didn’t hit her because I saw her and waited. But I easily, innocently could have. Fast forward two hours later, I’m at a light on a busy, fast 4-line highway. The light turns green and a racing bike guy is suddenly in front of me. Again, I could so easily have hit him. Oncoming traffic is already across so he’s stuck in the middle. That’s how late he crossed. The 3rd happened in North Carolina. Again at a stop light that turned green. A runner darted across traffic and is in front of us in the left turn lane while his partner on a bike, proceeds to fall off of her bike trying to stop. Such a terrifying mess, and all so preventable. IF bikers and runners would be more careful and heed the signals at intersections. I’ll step down off my soapbox now. Let’s move on to more pleasant things.


There’s never been a better time to race virtually. You may remember June’s Jost Running virtual race was done with my dad, who is rehabbing after a knee replacement. Our walks started out very short but we were consistent! Over time, as with anything you stay the course with, our walking mileage increased and I’m happy to say my dad more than earned that 5k medal! This month we’re beating the heat and I’ve got two special someones eyeing these medals. If you guessed Things 1 and 2, you’d be right. July’s Jost Virtual races benefit one of my favorites: Girls on the Run. Over the past few years, I’ve been a GOTR coach and run buddy and I’m very excited that Thing 2 will be old enough to join GOTR next year. Sooooo this month, Thing 2 will tackle the 5k virtual race while Thing 1 goes for the gusto with the half marathon, broken into 1 mile increments. That’s another beautiful thing about Jost Running. You cover the mileage in a way that best suits you. Join us by checking out Jost Running here. CM Promo

Drink Chocolate Milk? Snap and upload a photo here showing how you refuel and rebuild after a tough workout. Participants are eligible to win great prizes, including a trip to NYC for Run10 Feed 10. Too shy to share a pic of yourself? Stop by and vote for your favorites.

Have you had a close call with a car while running or on your bike? With a runner/biker while driving?

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