April Runfession Friday Linkup

torn swimsuit

How can it be the last Friday in April already? That means it’s time once again to enter the runfessional and cleanse your sweaty soul! Spill your run-, gym- and swimfessions, heck any confessions will do, tag me and link them up below. Let’s get to it, shall we? Because I’m a swimming mamma jamma [Read More]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Deals

lys never give up

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Have you thought about what to get the special ladies in your life? Or maybe treat yourself too? Here are some of my favorites, with some nice deals and discounts too: Canvas Pop. What mom wouldn’t love a picture of something near and dear to her heart? Canvas Pop [Read More]

Why Do You Run?

sarah bowen shae

Before we get into today’s Tuesdays on the Run topic, can I just say how much I enjoyed commanding the Boston Marathon sports desk yesterday and watching all of you spank it, even in those crap conditions? Marathon Monday will always be a celebration for me, even if I’m only there in spirit these days. [Read More]

CARA 10-Mile Race Report


On Saturday the sky was streaked with pink as I headed to Wendy’s house so she, Sara and I could head down to the lakefront together to run the CARA Live Grit 10 Miler. We were treated to plentiful (free!) parking upon arrival. A rarity in Chicago. I really had no business running a 10 [Read More]

Wise Words from Meb

Meb for Mortals

I met Meb five years ago at the Rock n Roll Chicago Race expo. I had the kids in tow, then ages 4 and 8. They were on the prowl for expo booth candy, and had apparently succeeded in scoring some, as the first thing Meb did when he met me was peel a sucker [Read More]

How to Silence Your Inner Critic


Last week I was at the pool going through the motions of trying to swim when a coach approached. The Aquatic Director and Triathlon Swim Coach, actually. We talked about my goals (survive my first tri) and she asked to see my stroke. I swam out and most of the way back before I wigged [Read More]

What’s Up With Post-Workout Weight Gain?


First up, here’s last week’s training: Monday: Rest Tuesday: 6 mile run Wednesday: Swim 30 minutes Thursday: 5.25 miles speed intervals Friday: Yoga Saturday: 8 mile run, 10 mile bike Sunday: Strength workout, 15 mile bike Only one swim. First time back in the pool post vacay and chest crud. To say it sucked would [Read More]

Loving/Not Loving and a Giveaway


Loving: Watching the action in our duck nest. Not Loving: Thing 1 was awakened last night by loud quacking. I checked the nest to find four eggs broken and strewn outside the nest. My heart broke. What marauding predator could’ve done this? Makes me wanna set up a night watch. Now there are 8. Loving: [Read More]

Friday Five

duck nest1

Since I missed this month’s coffee date, I feel the urge to catch you up on what’s going on around here: Duck helicopter mom: As is typical in spring, I’ve noticed ducks hanging around. Two Mallard drakes and one female. According to my research, female ducks are just called “ducks” no fancy name. I don’t [Read More]