Tuesdays on the Run and Swimtimidation. It’s a Thing.


I’m just back from a 6-day junket in the Allegheny mountains of Pennsylvania to celebrate FIL’s 80th birthday. More on that to come. First a recap of the training week: Total miles run: 23 Total miles bike: 22 Swim: Still not tracking but trust me it’s plenty Monday: Masters Swim from hell Tuesday: Bike/Run brick [Read More]

Spartan Race Discount and Giveaway


I hope everybody’s out enjoying a long holiday weekend. I’m actually out in Pennsylvania celebrating my FIL’s 80th birthday but this Memorial Day special from Spartan Race is too good not to mention. Simply go here to sign up for the Spartan Race of your choice and use code MEMORIAL to save! Hurry–offer expires on [Read More]

Eating Smart is Easy with Orange Chef Countertop

Orange Chef Countertop_MiseEnPlace

This post is sponsored by Sweatpink on behalf of Orange Chef. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Post contains affiliate links.  Truth be told, I love to cook, but I’m not the best meal planner that ever lived. Too many times I’m caught ravenous after a workout and haven’t given any thought [Read More]

Race Report: 5k For the Dogs

Dash for Dogs

Before I get to the race: Saturday Thing 1’s track sectionals were the focus of our day. We were there (in the rain at times) from 8:30 until 5. She PR’d her 200m and came in 2nd, missing State by less than a second, and oh my her long jump. She usually jumps high 12’s/low [Read More]

Running with a Fast Crowd

big cats

I don’t think I mentioned it, but this Tri Group I joined is all men and me. Well there’s one other woman who’s coming back from a broken foot I’ve yet to see. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t find the all-male dynamic intimidating. Had I known that beforehand I doubt I’d [Read More]

Indoor Triathlon Race Report

indoor tri

Because the Wednesday Word over at Deb Runs Linkup is CHALLENGING, I need to tell you about the indoor triathlon I did with my Tri Team yesterday. It was meant to help us practice transitions. As soon as I got the kids on the bus (in my TrisCuit no less) I headed to Lifetime fitness, [Read More]

Running Hacks

race number belt

First, here’s how last week went. I swear tri training is kicking my behind: Monday: 1 hr. Masters Swim Tuesday: Group Cycle Wednesday: Ran 5 miles w/tri group. Hill repeats mixed with mile repeats. Heaven help me. Thursday: 22 miles bike Friday: Rest Saturday: Bike 10, Ran 6 miles Sunday: Strength and swim Ok now [Read More]

Weekend Rewind and a Recipe

what I look like swimming

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! The weather here left something to be desired if rain isn’t your bag. I kicked off Saturday with my ‘long’ run. A whole 6 miles. Don’t worry the longer “long” runs will be back as soon as Twin Cities Marathon training fires up in June. [Read More]

Gym Bag Heroes

Living Proof

I swear I have the best readers. Many of you have asked….wait for it….how I get my hair to look so nice, especially with all the working out I do. Seriously you guys are way too kind. I feel like a sweat machine most of the time. You’ve asked me about beauty products, makeup. So [Read More]