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Skulpt Aim Fitness Tracker Review

Categories: Product Reviews, Skulpt Aim Fitness Tracker

Aim Skulpt Review

When it comes to activity trackers, I’ve been around the block a few times. I love my Fitbit, my Runtastic Orbit, the WiiFit, all of it. But when the Skulpt Aim showed up at my door, I was intrigued. It doesn’t measure activity, but rather body fat and muscle quality. That’s right muscle quality.

FullSizeRender (98)

The Skulpt Aim is comprised of a hand unit, spray bottle for moistening the sensors, recharging cradle and cord and a travel pouch.

How it works: When placed on your body, the Skulpt Aim sends a very weak electrical current through your skin. As it passes through the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue, it detects the varying resistance and capacitive properties of the tissue. This is how it differentiates fat from lean tissue.


To use: Moisten the sensors on the back of the hand unit and place it on the body part you want to measure. In seconds the Skulpt Aim will assess your muscle composition and body fat.


This is how the Skulpt Aim displayed my results after measuring a few body parts. Not sure how my bicep could have more fat on it than my abs but I’ll take it. Higher numbers = better muscle quality = higher level of fitness. 100 is average.

According to the manufacturer, the Aim Skulpt is:

  • 5x more accurate than smart scales
  • 4x more accurate than skinfold calipers
  • Within 1-2% of the gold-standard underwater weighing


My most fit parts were the almighty running quads. Go me.

IMG_8677My least fit parts were my very average triceps.


Overall there are a whole lot of measurements to be taken for a total assessment, complete with how-to videos. There’s also a smart phone app so all this information syncs to that. It’s very cool.

The verdict: This is a very interesting tool unlike anything I’ve seen. It’s extremely intuitive and easy to use and you know I am far from a techie-type person. Personally I’m having lots of fun with it and since it can be used for more than one person, I want to get the Caveman in on it too. I suspect one could become obsessive about the measurements so if that’s in your nature, this is not for you. The Skulpt Aim sells for $199.99 and ships free within the U.S. Check it out here.

Have you used fitness or activity trackers? Which one(s) do you like?

I received this product free of charge for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are mine alone.


Runfession Friday Linkup

Categories: Runfession Friday Linkup

Here it is, that time again to purge our sweaty soles! I know I’ve got my share of run- gym- and swimfessions and I hope you’ll share yours too. Let’s get this party started:


I can’t seem to remember to wear my Garmin these days. And when I do it’s never charged enough to make it through a run without that infernal low battery signal.

Speaking of that Garmin, I never loved it. In fact I’ve hated it from the day I got it. I hope it breaks so I can get a nice purple one. There I said it.

I’m this close to blowing off that teeny tiny pool tri in April I mentioned. They seem to be a tad disorganized and the race info. is conflicting. The website says its on 4/23, the signup thing says it’s on 4/26. One place it says the swim is 200m. Another place says its 8 laps of the pool. The pool is an enormous Olympic size one. I’m pretty sure I’ll perish long before 8 laps in that sucker.

I just told you I’m afraid of a teeny tiny tri, but at the same time I’m eyeing ANOTHER tri at the end of June. Seriously what is wrong with me? Dr. Jekyll has nothing on me.


Thing 1 is a Bath & Bodyworks lotion, spray, soap hoarder. Seriously her vanity has precious little real estate left that isn’t occupied by Malibu Sunset and Beautiful Day and Warm Vanilla Sugar. So I’m helping her out by permanently borrowing….ok ripping off….lotions, one bottle at a time and putting them in my gym bag so I don’t reek too badly of chlorine. If she reads this, I’m outed I guess.

I’m busting out my long run today instead of this weekend. After that I have no plans to do another one until we’re back from spring break. Running long in 85 degrees when I should be lolling on a chaise with an umbrella drink is just wrong.

touched my leg

I won’t be running long on vacay, but an open water swim…even if it’s for 5 seconds…will happen. And I am mortified.

boston marathon boarding bus

Catching the bus to Hopkinton (and wiping away tears) in my Goodwill sweats.

And finally, since The Boston Marathon is rapidly approaching, here’s an ancient Boston runfession I need to unleash: Back when I ran my first Boston in 2009, I wore throwaway sweats like they tell you to. When the time came to ditch them however, somehow the jacket made it into my gear check bag, onto the gear bus and I picked it up and brought it back home with me. It’s hung in my closet ever since. The other day I wore it. I call it Goodwill throwaway chic.

Ok your turn! Linkup your runfessions or share them in a comment. I promise you’ll feel better!

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