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NYCM Training Week 10

Categories: Bike Safety, Marathon Training, New York City Marathon, Yoga Etiquette

Total Mileage: 55
Monday: Yoga. This hot vinyasa flow class is so darn crowded and yet they continue to allow people to stroll in late and disrupt everyone to move their mats. Why. Just why? Seriously when the door closes and class starts, that’s it…or should be, IMO. Call me the yoga nazi.
Tuesday: 4.12, upper body strength/core
Wednesday: 7 miles (7x1000m) Not sure how I managed this. There’s always more in there than you think.
Thursday: Bike 20 miles
Friday: Run 6 miles, lower body strength/core
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Run 18.18 miles hilly + hill repeats. Because I’m obsessing about those damn NYC bridges.


I feel good about this week. Like I’m finally getting in a groove and handling the long run ok. Overall I still feel like my conservative training plan is on the easy side, but then they throw in a workout like 7x1000m. The cooler temps made training paces a whole different animal. It was a single parenting week and every freaking person in the house (except me) has had lingering cold/chest congestion that just won’t quit. Not sure why I haven’t succumbed, but I won’t question it.

Can we talk safety for a second? In the last week alone, I’ve witnessed 1 car accident (pulling out of the school parking lot of all places) seen 2 very scary near misses involving bikes and was almost taken out by a blue-hair who was literally looking through her steering wheel as she drove half on a 45mph road and half on the shoulder gravel and weeds. I minimize the amount of time I spend on busy roadsides (honestly no more than .25 of a mile), run against traffic and at really unbusy times (read early weekend mornings). But still, danger is out there. The amount of drivers talking on phones while they drift onto the shoulder blows my mind. Be careful!

Good luck to everyone in their peak week before taper! It’s all getting real! Are you as safe as you can be when out running/biking/driving? Are you a yoga nazi? One more day for my Pro Compression giveaway! 


21-Day Reset: Week 1

Categories: 21-Day Reset, Sugar Detox, Whole Foods Diet

I’ve been participating in Laura’s 21-Day Reset for a full week now.


what is it

On the surface it looks like I’m a pretty good eater. I cook. A lot. I’ve got a garden bursting with fresh produce. Processed foods are not my downfall. I’m mostly gluten- soy- and dairy-free. But sugar? Yeah that’s my downfall. I know full well how bad sugar is.

The first day was tough. I wanted something sweet after lunch. I wanted something sweet in the late afternoon. I wanted something sweet after dinner. Are you sensing a pattern here? Instead I had carrots, hummus and nuts (probably too many) and took myself out of the habitual place I eat sweets. The dogs and I went for nice, long walks. Lots of them.

Day 2 was much better. The sugar cravings were already less. My run was a tad anemic feeling though.

By day 3 it was apparent I was not eating enough, which is fairly typical of me when I take on these challenges. My prodigious belly fat was shrinking before my eyes though so not all bad.

By day 5 I had lost a pound. Even though this isn’t about weightloss, GO ME.

whole foods

On day 6: I worried I wouldn’t be sufficiently fueled for the following day’s 18 miler. I ate eggs, roasted squash, more squash, lean protein and cauliflower crust pizza.

Day 7: The 18 miler went well. Not spectacular but hey it’s 18 miles. Still well within goal pace range though, even with hill repeats 3/4 of the way through. Later that day we went to my mom’s birthday party where I was really good about not diving into the snacks (except guac, I dove into that) but I did treat myself to a small piece of cake.

Overall, I think I’m doing well. The biggest, BIGGEST AND BEST thing I noticed about this reset so far, is that after just a couple of days without sugar I felt fresher the day after a tough run. Like I couldn’t tell if I ran the previous day by the way my body felt. Previously there’d typically be a little fatigue. I felt raring to go EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Huge, right? But I need to be better about planning meals and snacks. And I need to eat more. Stay tuned for week 2!

Have you ever done a reset? What was fun for you this weekend?

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