Running Blogger’s Guide to the Perfect Snow Day

We’ve been getting a ‘snow event’ pretty much weekly here lately so I’ve become somewhat of an expert on all things snow day. Here are some tips to make the most of when those flurries fly:

  • Race to store at first mention of a snowstorm and stock up on essentials: Batteries, candles, protein powder, wine, flax seed, chia.
  • Run on mill. Stop whining and enjoy it because at least you have one. You do have one, right? If not skip to bullet point below.


  • Bundle up kids and dogs and shove them, er I mean let them play outside. Maybe unleash your inner child and go out and play with them. If you don’t have a mill, this is your time to shovel and shovel hard. Kids adore shoveling….that’s what I heard.
  • Layer fleece over your recovery socks and compression gear. The more the better.


  • Make some soup. Or chili. Or both.


  • Bake something irresistible you find on Pinterest.
  • Instagram your creation, using as many hash tags as possible.
  • If you still have an internet connection, sign up for a race or 6.


  • As the snow mounts, crack the door just enough to get pics you can post on Facebook every hour or so. Exaggerate by at least 3″. Extra points if you compile them into a collage and use hashtags like #snowpocalypse #snowmageddon and #snowquester.
  • Keep count of the times the plow comes by (or doesn’t) and document that on Facebook as well.
  • After all the chili, hot chocolate and treats, you’ll probably wanna hit that mill again. Beats the alternative.

Did you have a snow day? What did you do?



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    We had a snow day. And I woke up that morning and THERE WAS NO SNOW. It didn’t start til 8:30 or 9, and it was wimpy at best. So I ran in it :) And made my kids shovel, haha!

  2. says

    Seriously, why do kids like to shovel so much? Our little neighbors were gunho to help us shovel when we had all that snow. It boggles my mind. Meanwhile, I would have paid someone to clear the driveway for us if anyone could actually get to us.

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    Everyone in NJ heads to the store for eggs and milk at the first mention of a snowflake. This winter we have been spared and I am so thankful. We have had some tough winters!

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    Love your snow day(s) fun!!!
    Thankfully most of ours has melted and I hope we are done for the year!!!
    BTW- I’m did a lot of those things last week during our snow days!! (except Instagram – haven’t expanded my tech savvy that far yet)

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    You forgot to mention

    “Watch and giggle as the local news sends the state in a panic, by calling it snowageddon and it is worse storm ever(since the last storm, which wasnt much of a storm)”

    Then watch everyone head to the store to stock up on 8 months of supplies for the 2 day storm.

    That is my most amusing part

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    NO snow for us yet this year and I am happy about it:) Last year we had a snow storm and the kids were out of school for a week. They had to make it up til the end of June! Ugh! Glad you are staying positive:) No mill here, so I would go stir crazy!

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    You captured the environment perfectly! So funny. If you haven’t heard, our snowquestration was a total bust. Not even an inch. And yet the media hyped it like it was the end of the world–the gov’t. even shut down. For rain. My midwestern roots were pulling their hair out at this yesterday!

  8. says

    Although I live in SoCal now, so snow days are completely something from my past, it was not that long ago I was shoveling snow, so I could relate. Your list looks exactly like mine all the way down to the flax and chia! haha!

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