Currently and Two Winners

Books: Diet Failure…The Naked Truth. I was sent this one for review. It’s a tad hard to wade though but so far it’s packed with good information. If you want a full understanding of the role insulin plays in fat storage and weight gain, this is for you. Stay tuned for a full review.


Running Path: Ha! Is this some kind of a joke? My mill isn’t really a ‘path’ but that’s where the bulk of my runs are happening lately. I got out for 11 solid miles last weekend on one of my favorite, hilliest (by flatlander standards) routes.

Non-Running Workout. I’ve been sneaking in Pear Sports workouts. This app is beyond cool. Workouts are downloaded to your phone and you wear a heartrate monitor. A coach talks you through the workout and kicks you in the behind if you’re not in the proper HR zone. What’s not to love? More on this to come.


Drink. Recently I’ve been giving Oatworks smoothies a whirl. They’re gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and non-gmo with the added benefit of oat fiber inside. They’re fairly high in sugar for my taste, so I save them for really hard training days or share one with a friend…or kiddo.

Excitement: Spring break is coming up! I don’t think I’ve ever longed for a break and some warmer temps as badly as I do this year.


Garden item. I picked up a seed starting tray from Costco the other day. Our snow may be here until August but I’m starting my garden anyway, dammit.

TV. You know I have to say The Bachelor. Despite how far south it’s gone this season, I finish what I start and I’m hanging tough for the final two episodes…plus I have nothing better to do on Mondays nights…except help with homework…because I love homework so much…said no one ever.


Indulgence. Because of the impending spring break swimsuit event, I’ve been trying to rein in the indulgences. I’ve got Death by Chocolate ice cream crying from neglect in the freezer. I have been carbing up for hard workouts with a childhood favorite though. Rice pudding. With plenty of cinnamon. My kids think I’m nuts. They don’t know what they’re missing.

Website: My Fitness Pal. I outed myself last week that I’m a food journal dunce. Tina suggested My Fitness Pal, so I’m giving it a try. So far I don’t love it…it didn’t know what running drills were and didn’t assign any calorie burn to strength training…but I don’t hate it either. I just keep logging all that rice pudding I’m throwing down. Let’s see how long I can stick with it this time…

Pet Peeve. It’s a tie between tailgaters and people who go like 15 mph under the speed limit. For the record I never go too slow so there is no need to tailgate me.  I don’t tailgate those that go too slow either. Like the guy in the red minivan doing 35 on a 50 mph, single-lane road the other day. I may have been muttering obscenities, but tailgating? Me? Never.

Mood. Tired. Is that a mood? Ok happy it’s the weekend, even if I have to take the dogs for shots and sustain the trauma that is swimsuit shopping. Rice pudding and swimsuits don’t mix well, in case you were wondering.

What are you doing currently? Do you like rice pudding? What’s your dream spring break destination?

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  1. says

    Oh I hate hate hate it when people tailgate. It makes me want to slam on my brakes. And I don’t drive slow at all LOL. Another HUGE peeve is people not stopping for pedestrians. It’s really bad here. I had a state employee commuter van cut me off in the crosswalk just yesterday.

  2. Marcia says

    Heather I know someone that was killed by a bus that way. Awful. I can’t stand when I’m crossing the parking lot to go into a store, especially with my kids, and the cars basically keep rolling through the stop sign so you’re never really sure they won’t hit you. So freaking rude.

  3. says

    My mood has been tired too (and PMS, is that a mood?) I hate tailgaters especially since I typically go 5 miles over the speed limit so there is no reason to tailgate. I have been watching the Bachelor too. I am getting annoyed every time Juan Pablo says “trust me”. I don’t really know what to make of him at this point, but I will keep watching;)

  4. says

    Oooooh, I’ll be on the lookout for the full book review. That sounds *really* interesting!

    I haven’t gotten a real HR monitor yet. I am *this* close to doing it, but I’m worried I won’t like the chest strap. Do you really kind of forget it’s there? –Lisa

  5. Marcia says

    Lisa I swear you do not know the HR strap is there. It does feel snug before and after the workout though. Ha!

  6. says

    Ohhhh…rice pudding! Love it. And bread pudding while we’re at it!

    I like the sounds of the Pear app. If I could remember my apple password I could get it!

  7. says

    I guess I should think about starting seeds soon too. Probably not until after SPring break anyway. We can’t plant until Mid May outside. But I should be thinking about it!

  8. says

    The driving – oh, so many things – my biggest pet peeve is when I’m driving the speed limit (plus a bit) and someone feels the need to turn out in front of me when there clearly isn’t room and then drive 10 miles under the speed limit – I might get within inches of them cause I have issues!!!
    No, thank you on the rice pudding.

  9. says

    It is nice to see green things sprouting.. hope they can make it to transplant time!
    Keep up the hard work! I know that spring has to be coming soon. :)

  10. says

    Books? Just finished With or Without You–stunning, shocking…
    Drink? love Orgain iced Mocha
    Indulgence? Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra
    Pet Peeve? Ah yes…the driving…does cold weather mean you must drive slow?
    Mood? Happy, but tired….

  11. says

    I haven’t seen those seed starting trays at Costco– but I’m impressed that you are somehow going to keep sprouting seeds alive while being away on spring break. Rice pudding: yes, I like it the classic way and with all kinds of variations: ginger/pear, rosewater/pistachio, etc. I especially like it with sweet (sticky) rice. You and all my other crazy runner friends have been running on some very snowy and icy roads this winter. That’s not the kind of ice that I like!

  12. says

    The happiest day of my life way when my youngest left high school
    and I knew my homework days were finally behind me. I feel like I’ve graduated high school four times – I’ve certainly done enough homework in my life to do so.

  13. says

    I have a hard time accepting books for review because if they are hard to get through I won’t finish them. I need to start journaling my food too. Not because of the calories but because I need to get my macros right. Warm temps please!!!

  14. says

    I hate tailgaters too. Specially since once the road opens up in front of me, I typically drive faster than them. Another pet peeve is the person going under the speed limit in the fast lane. I don’t like passing them in the slow lane, but usually do.


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