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Running the Numbers: Key West

Categories: Fishing, Key Lime Pie, Key West, Vacation

Duration of trip: 6 days
Days spent weathering Hurricane MIL’s vitriol before evacuating to higher ground the oceanfront Westin: 3
Number of runs: 3. 2 crapsters, 1 great and totally pain-free.

Slices of key lime pie consumed: 2. 1 great and 1 out of this world spectacular.

Cruise ships docked in Key West: 5
Cruise ships I entertained the prospect of stowing away on: 5
Visits to the iconic Sloppy Joe’s: 1

6-toed cats at Ernest Hemingway’s house: too many to count
4-legged fishing boat co-captains I wanted to bring home: 1 

Total # of fish caught on the fishing charter: 39
Fish thrown back on the fishing charter: 37

Sharks caught: 1
Number of feet in the air I jumped when I saw that bad boy come up: 10
Giddy girls that swam alot: 2

Ice creams consumed: 2, the best of which was toasted coconut ice cream w/key lime sorbet
Attempted dog attacks while out running: 3
Circumference in inches of the boulder I hauled around in anticipation of another dog attack: 10
Times I had to use said boulder: 0 thankfully.

Gorgeous sunsets: 6
Overall a very fun trip, once we evacuated, that is…
Have you traveled with extended family?

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