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The Way We Were

Categories: Boston Marathon, Capris, Nike, Running Gear

It hurts me to say this but at 5:56 this morning, I bade my BFF Nike black capris (or NBC’s) farewell. After many long years of loyal service (not to mention great running fashion) the elastic waist finally lost its battle with gravity. Despite an exhaustive search for an appropriate replacement, so far nothing comes close.
My NBCs will be fondly remembered for their tireless hours on the mill, the grueling long runs with no pinching, snags or chafing, and taking me to my first BQ. They were with me in my Boston appearances in addition to countless other races. No distance was too long or too short for the illustrious NBC’s.  Take a moment of silence won’t you and honor them.
Feel free to play the video above as we honor my beloved NBC’s in a photo memorial. I’ll do my best not to get too verklempt. Or if you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about my old capris, at least watch the video and enjoy the eternal hotness that is Robert Redford.
Do you have a piece of running gear you cannot part with?


Weekend Rewind: Food Edition

Categories: Cold Weather Running, Nutcracker, Whole Foods

This weekend was all about blizzard prep/management. It was supposed to hit late Saturday and go through Sunday bringing high winds and up to 12″ of snow. So I planned accordingly.
First thing Saturday I got out for a 10-miler in balmy, calm-before-the-storm 30-degree temps. This was one of those, serene, wonderful runs where it seems all the world is at rest except me and nature. So peaceful and amazingly beautiful.
After a requisite stock-up at the grocery store I settled in the kitchen.

First we baked some of these. Well kind of like these except ours had oatmeal in there. And toffee bits. And some chopped almonds for crunch. And of course they were gone long before I could get a pic.

These were up next. But given how fast the m&m cookies disappeared…
…and that I came upon this sitting in my nightstand drawer the other day,
 I opted to postpone making them… indefinitely.

So I changed gears and dealt instead with these two bad boys that have been glaring at me for awhile now.

Instead of more cookies, I crafted a fine squash soup.
The kids wouldn’t go near it. The Caveman choked it down because he knows he should. Squash are so not his bag though.
This is his bag. To be fair there are some really tasty holiday spice Terra chips out now. 
So the blizzard came and on Sunday Thing 1 and I trekked out in 50+ mph, falling temps and lots of blowing snow to see the Nutcracker with her Girl Scout troop. Good times.
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