Time Flies

How can Lucy be turning 11 already? Have I really been shopping there that long? If you looked in my closet you may think so since it’s pretty well packed with Lucy stuff.  Lucy is one of the few places I can go with my eyes closed and end up with something I love. They know [Read More]

Lupus Virtual Race Wrap-Up and Winners!

Thank you to all who’ve overwhelmed me with your generosity: And to the many awesome companies who donated prizes: Thanks to youI raised more than QUADRUPLE the funds for the Lupus Foundation than was required!I surpassed my pie in the sky goal as well!As a team, the 2010 Lupus Charity Runners set a BIG fundraising [Read More]

Halloween: The Sticky Aftermath

School parades, class parties, friend parties, family fun, trick or treat. All of it results in great memories and an even greater load of candy. When I was a kid, we’d trick or treat (in those horrible, probably highly flammable plastic masks with the rubber band around the back of your head…am I showing my [Read More]

Confession Wednesday

Baby it’s dark outsideI took this pic just after 7am. Seriously it’s almost pitch black. I know my East Coast peeps have it even worse. I can do dark all summer and freezing all winter but dark + cold = hit the mill in my book….or make and eat my weight in soup, chili and [Read More]

Triple Topic Tuesday and a Winner

1. This Mother Can RunTake a gander at the November issue of this great new e-magazine especially for running moms. See anybody in it you know? Congrats to my fellow bloggy running moms who are featured! 2. New A-listers: Please speak up!A big welcome to the newest A-listers (followers)! I’m flattered you joined us behind [Read More]

Preliminary Runnbatical and a Winner

Preliminary Runnbatical Week is complete: 15 miles Monday: 40 minute easy bike ride (there may have been there was coasting…just saying) Tuesday: Sick (Caught the Caveman’s dandy head cold) Wednesday: Sick Thursday: Plyometric intervals and corework Friday: Weights for lower body (resulted in temporary paralysis so success) Saturday: Weights for upper body (more paralysis = [Read More]

Three Things Thursday

1. Hairdo FalloutThanks for all of your too-kind comments on my new short and sassy do! Said ‘do’ was a much bigger hit in cyber space than it was here at home. Thing 1: (with guilty look on her face) “I liked your long hair better” (then went for a diversionary technique as she searched [Read More]

Runbbatical Hairdo and a Winner

The first order of business, kicking off my runbbatical, was a haircut. Not just a trim, I planned on being brave and doing a full pony tail chop. No training plan = no pony tail. I told my stylist to let the creative juices flow. I wanted something “sassy, urban and fun.” I heard Rachael [Read More]

Two for Tuesday and another Winner

1. A haircut at last! I’m saying goodbye to the ponytail that has gotten way too long (and undoubtedly added countless minutes to my race times). Maybe I’ll get something fresh and totally different! That’s what I always say, why does it never seem to happen? 2. What could be better than a Sigg bottle?A [Read More]

Runbbatical Challenge and a Winner!

I hereby proclaim I am taking a Runbbatical. For the first time since fall, 2007, running WILL NOT be my main focus in terms of fitness-related activities. While I’m not hanging up the Mizunos entirely, (oh I’ll still run, just cut back mileage and intensity, you may even find me at another race fun run [Read More]