Congrats! You crossed the finish line. Now what? RECOVER! Keep MovingThis is precisely why so many finishing chutes seem almost as long as the race. It’s important to keep tired muscles from seizing up and allow your body to gradually slow down. So resist the urge to collapse in an inert heap. Medical tent personnel [Read More]

POM Wonderful

Ryan at Pom Wonderful sent me some 100% pomegranate juice. It came at the perfect time: when I was finishing up my longest runs and making it through the fall racing season. It’s delicious after a hot run. I also regularly add into my apres-workout protein shake. Very refreshing and a great antioxidant. All the better [Read More]

Setting Goals

I succeeded in not signing up for Boston yesterday. I won’t lie, I had the registration screen up for a bit yesterday, but to be honest another Boston is not something I want right now. I hope everyone that wanted a spot, got one despite yesterday’s cyber chaos. The ‘end’ of another season have given [Read More]

Grand Rapids Race Report & Winner #4

You’ve heard me gush on repeatedly about how great this race is. It was the scene of my first BQ…it’s scenic…temps are cool…the race director is unparalleled in his ability to put on an extraordinary race…blah…blah…you’ve heard it all here before…you totally MUST do this gem of a race. This year, hot on the heels [Read More]


One week after the freakshow that was my Chicago Marathon, I am happy to report I ran a2+ minute PR in the Grand Rapids Half Marathon this morning!1:51Details to come!

Foto Friday

I’d planned on doing a thing on race recovery until I found these pics in my inbox. Not to mention I’ve got a boatload of laundry and packing to do before we set out for Grand Rapids tomorrow morning. Just before the start Amazing the difference almost 5 hours makes Sweat much? Apparently crappy race = [Read More]

The ABCs of K-Tape and Winner #2

While kinesiotape has been around for 20+ years, I first noticed it on sand volleyball champion, Kerri Walsh’s shoulder during the Athens Summer Olympics. Since then, thanks to a little obsession with running and the recommendation of Dr. Miracle Worker (my trusty Sports Chiropractor)  I’ve had my share of opportunities to wear the stuff as [Read More]

Backing Up and Winner #1

What would a race weekend be without the expo and festivities leading up to the main event?Here’s how the day before the marathon shook out: We dropped off the kids, headed downtown and boarded the expo-bound shuttle. I met Ryan and Sarah Hall. One word: Adorable. I also met Dean Karnazes. Two words: Tiny and [Read More]

Chicago Marathon Race Report

This is a brain This is my brain at the Chicago Marathon Thought I’d better share this before I block it out entirely.I was up at 4:30 to eat and go back to bed until 6. All of the previous day’s afflictions (I was sure I threw out my back, achilles was acting up, possible [Read More]

Marathon Outfit Revealed

After prolonged hemming and hawing and scowling at the forecast, here she is. The jury is still out on socks, and I think I’ll forego a headband for a hat–all the better to store ice under. Sure wish I would’ve gotten a haircut. Think my Drew Carey lookalike UPS guy will lop a few inches [Read More]